Ngilu’s focus on Development in Kitui county


By Dennis Omwange

FACT: Kangukangu was started when kitui Governor Ngilu was Minister for water in partnership with World Vision. The former county government regime under Malombe’s govt sank in over ksh. 200m and not a drop of water was seen in Kanyongonyo or Kiseuni and Mutomo during the 5 years of the “very able Kyuma government as it is referred by many”.

FACT: As it stands the one who initiated the project is finishing it, politics aside

FACT: Level 5 facility status is an EARNED status. It is not about buildings, TVs and gates. It is about SERVICE, PERSONEL, DRUGS, LABS, WARDS, EQUIPMENT ..In the last two years Kitui Referral Hospital has improved service.

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FACT: By the way when was the last time you heard that Kitui hospital has no water or drugs?

FACT: Of what use is the Governors office if people have no water, no health care, no roads etc. The misplaced notion that the Governor should be comfortable at the expense of Musangi and Nzangi is a NO NO with this government. We know our priorities to the people who put us in office. The office will be finished but NOT at the expense of other priorities.

FACT: Of what use are street lights to a woman who spends 8 hours looking for water. Will street lights solve in security caused by young people who have no jobs or skills to earn a living?

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This nonsense on Ikutha hospital should stop. Ikutha is a fully equipped level four hospital.

FACT: Amazingly the very able and learned Dr Malombe forgot to supervise the messy drainage done at Ikutha which completely stalled the ghetto project. The current county government is cleaning up this mess and Ikutha people will soon begin to enjoy the quality healthcare you denied them for 5 years, An officer from the Govenors Office told the county diary.

FACT: What show? Shows are about products and markets. It is not about letting women dance for wakubwa in the name of a show. The Kitui show will take place where our farmers will showcase their rich produce from Myanda irrigation, nicely packed honey, latest fashion pieces from KICOTEC, cabro and fencing poles made from crusher dust by youths of kwa Kilui, large chunky beef produced at our Abattoir. Kitui the residents choose to celebrate our wealth not poverty. We will showcase Kitui wealth as we grow.

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FACT: The growth of Kitui into a prosperous County cannot be stopped by a few individuals who are pursuing personal vendettas! The people of kitui know what is good for them and they know it is:

_Access to Food and water_
_Affordable quality healthcare_
_Skilled and earning youth_
_Empowered women and_
_Industrialized Kitui generating wealth for her people_