Exposed: Why a Section of Wiper MCAs want to Impeach Speaker Kinengo


A group of Wiper Assembly Members in Kitui County is preparing an impeachment motion against Kitui Assembly young Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya.

A Wiper Party source claims that the senior party secretariat has ordered three elected MCAs and four nominated MCAs to impeach Speaker Kinengo because he isn’t acting in the interests of all Wiper Party members.

“The ‘boss’ said that the young man at the Assembly may not be able to assist them because they are unaware of the specifics of the consultative meeting between the Speaker and Ruto’s daughter because they were not present. The daughter came after President Ruto’s thanksgiving ceremony at Kitui,” a source told TCD.

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According to sources, the Wiper leadership desired a compromised speaker to allow some of the members to complete projects at the Kitui County Assembly without being hindered.

“There is a 400 million project for County Assembly offices that was going to be done by a Wiper Mp who backed the former Speaker, but now that Speaker Kinengo won it is a threat to him because he (Kinengo) is a man of integrity and giving the tender to the Mp may not be possible.

The Mp is working with the former Speaker to lure a group of MCAs who will impeach Speaker Kinengo so that they can continue with their projects,” our mole said.

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There are reportedly some individuals who the Wiper Party intended for Governor Malombe to nominate County Executive Committee (CEC) members failure to which the MCAs were supposed to reject Governor Malombe’s list.

During a burial ceremony in Mwingi last weekend Speaker Kinengo requested Governor Malombe to present the names before the Assembly so that the members could review them suggesting that the list from the Governor may not be rejected by the MCAs even without the desired list that the Wiper Senior officials want.

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“If the MCAs could have listened to me in choosing Ndoto as their Speaker, we could not have some problems at the Assembly,” one of the senior Wiper leaders recently told the Wiper MCAs in a closed-door meeting according to our mole.

The majority of the other MCAs have however vowed to protect Kinengo because he was their choice and he is leading them very well so far.

“We will not allow any attempt to impeach the speaker, we will defend him through think and thin.” Wiper MCA told Press.

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