Exposed, How Charcoal cartels want to bring down no-nonsense Chief officer


Towering Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu is an adept administrator – she knows when to run with the hares and when to hunt with the hounds.

When she took over the helm of Kitui County leadership, Charcoal cartels who had had a fields day destroying the dwindling forest cover knew their days were numbered.

The entry of the no-nonsense Chief Officer in charge of the Environment and natural resources Mr Climent Munyithya spelled more doom.

When he took over the ministry, his first mission was sealing off all the revenues loopholes in the Ministry and would later read a the Riot Act to charcoal barons.

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By making a bold declarations that the monkey business had to stop, the charcoal cartels braced for a retaliation to cut him to size.

“It will be remembered, one time the chief officer was attacked when he was in the ministry of trade after refusing to approve fraudulent bills, the matter is still in court of law.

At one time Governor charity Ngilu her self – not given to fake compliments commented his good work in the Ministry and for his commitment to stop illegal charcoal business.

And the cartels fought harder. The cartels have always been looking on how to bring him down through sponsored blogs.

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On Friday, its alleged A Contractor was bribed to come at his office in a well-orchestrated plan to cause disturbance and later sponsor blogs for the purpose of assassinating the good character and paint him as a corrupt officer.

For the record, the ministry of environment and natural resources is one of the ministries which has surpassed her revenue targets unlike other ministries.

The whole scheme is meant to assassinate his character, threaten him from enforcing the charcoal and sand ban.

“It is a cut throat business. Someone could get hurt, the charcoal cartels are unscrupulous, and deadly. The CO has put them out of business – but they want to go down with him!” said a source privy to the on-goings.

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“According to the government position, the Chief officer has been advised to stay put, no amount of intimidation threats should deter his good work in the ministry”.

And as the CO carries his uphill mandate and ruffling feathers, the people of Kitui are all praise, banquets but barbs for the environmental rapists.

The cartels are now a haunted and hunted lot and will face the full throttle of the law when sleuths come for the cursed lot.