EXPOSED: Corrupt MCAs On the Spotlight as kitui Awaits approval of COs


By our Mole.

Our grapevine is picking a juicy story brewing in the county assembly of Kitui – that one Narc party MCA is leading a lone campaign against the assembly speaker hon kinengo for putting strict measures that members must attend assembly sessions and sigh attendance register for them to be paid their allowances.

The notorious ward legislator who is known to miss assembly sessions has been missing in almost all sessions of the Kitui assembly sittings committees.

The MCA missed out on the hefty allowances amounting to hundred thousands which were disbursed this week prompting fury, anger, name-calling, insults, and threats of impeachment of the speaker.

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He didn’t even attend the sectoral committee sittings who are writing reports about the Chief Officers vetted by the assembly this week yet he is demanding to be paid hefty allowances.

We are informed that the disgruntled MCA convened a meeting of NARC legislators at a hotel in mwingi on Thursday where he proposed to the members present to agree on his impeachment motion against the speaker.

It is reported that the majority of the members adamantly rejected the idea citing that they have also lost money on sittings that they did not attend and rightly so.

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Further, before they walked out of the meeting – it is reported that the majority of members pledged to defend their speaker against the selfish and malicious accusations from the two-term MCA – saying it would be immoral to blackmail the speaker to be paid corruptly on sittings they did not attend.

From the NARC team, only MCA from Mwingi supported the evil proposal because of yua na nzaa, the TCD digital reports’.

The team of agitators who want to steal from poor wananchi includes MCA from kitui West, MCA from Mwingi, One Wiper MCA, and another popular MCA from Kitui Central who is their de facto leader.

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Frustrated by the outcome, we are informed that the angry MCA resulted in insults and intimidation of staff members wanting to force them to give him the previous registers so that he can sign.

It is reported that the two-term MCAs elected and nominated have been misusing their privilege of experience as second-time legislators to ‘teach’ the newcomers about unprocedural, unlawful, and corrupt dealings practiced during the previous assembly.

They were used in blackmailing during the last regime where some of them were paid to attend a Foreign Trip but they never attended prompting them to be surcharged.

It’s evil for failing to attend the committee and later demand payments.