Ex-President Uhuru & Mp Kanini Kega Lock horns Over Jubilee Party ownership



Former President Uhuru Kenyatta has Moved to flex his political muscles after weeks of confusion on who is the legitimate party leader of the jubilee party.

Uhuru kenyatta while asserting his authority said The Jubilee Party symbol is a dove, which means peace. But being peaceful doesn’t mean that you’re a coward.

In a rejoinder by Mp Kanini Kega faction dismissed Uhuru led NDC resolutions as null and Void. Uhuru asked delegates at the NDC to renew their commitment to the jubilee party and Refrain from insults and destruction of property.

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KANINI KEGA Termed the meeting held at Ngong racecourse dubbed Jubilee NDC as another political rally which has no legal consequence, Jubilee Party NDC resolves to expel eleven members, including Nominated MP Sabina Chege and EALA MP Kanini Kega.

“It is unfortunate that the former president (Uhuru Kenyatta) has chosen the wrong side of history by defying a legitimate decision of the party organs, and more so he ceased being Jubilee Party leader on 14 March 2023” – Kanini Kega wrote

Azimio One Kenya Coalition leaders led by Raila Odinga attended the Jubilee party NDC at the Ngong Racecourse grounds in Nairobi.


“I commend Uhuru Kenyatta for the decorum he has borne insults for the sake of the nation’s stability & the dignity of Kenya’s Presidency. I thank him for choosing to fly high when they have hit an extremely low” – Raila Odinga calls for respect of retired leaders.

“We have seen primitive and unwarranted attacks on Uhuru Kenyatta, his family, and property… shame on them! Nothing could be more uncouth than what we have witnessed, especially when it comes from leaders who expect to be respected after retirement”

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Raila Odinga: I commend Jubilee for remaining focused. I am happy that the party recognizes its responsibility to Kenyans to defend and sustain our multi-party system. More importantly, for continuing to fight for the abolition of excessive taxation of Kenyans.

President Uhuru Kenyatta thanked Kenyans for standing with him and his family, When you see others staying quiet, it’s not because they’re cowards; get that out of your mind. Intimidation can never work; it’s impossible. Behave like leaders, and you will be respected, behave like thugs, and you will be treated like thugs.

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