Ex Ngutani MCA Dismissed like Street Puppy


MCA Munuve Comes Out Guns blazing over ex-Deputy Speaker Zero Development, dismiss him like boulevard puppy

On Saturday, the social media were awash after Kanziku Ward Member Of County Assembly hon Munuve took to the social media and dismissed kitui former deputy speaker and ex-Ngutani Ward MCA as an example of massive failure in leadership.

‘He is a persona non-grata who should never be given any airtime by the electorate” the MCA said.

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Former Ngutani MCA hon Ndemwa has been mocking the current assembly by calling them noisy neighbours, leaders who have no idea of their responsibilities, the sentiment forced the county assembly best tag team led by hon Munuve to respond to him in equal measure.

“You served in the same Assembly for more than 4years 8months and you never sponsored a single motion, bill, statement or any petition.

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You never even supported or opposed any debate….you opted to be fence sitter…..that’s why we used to call you ” mtamba na Panya” because you were of no use to the assembly. Nguutani people are hungry, exasperated and look at you with contempt!!!

Thanks to people of Ngutani Ward for replacing you with an able MCA who is development conscious…..continue yapping… As an assembly will soldier with our mandate enshrined in the constitution” said Hon. Minute.

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The sentiment were widely supported by kauwi ward MCA hon Jane Mutua and Nzambani MCA Ruth kyene.