Ex Machakos Senator Hon Muthama Statements Rattles Wiper Musketeers



The recent political statement by former Machakos Senator Hon Muthama Nduya has caused a political storm and rattled clueless Wiper mandarins to the core.

Led by Kitui Senator, the shocking statement has therefore forced the shocked and sweating Three Wiper Musketeers to call for an impromptu press briefing at a Machakos hotel, the COUNTY DIARY has established.

It seems Gemstones billionaire Muthama has rattled them out of their comfort zone.

The Kalonzo goose is cooked as the Party dictator, or so it seems.

Kalonzo must content with divergent opinions by inner party members like Muthama, a source within the most popular Ukambani party told COUNTY DIARY.

It was all in the grapevine this week – anyway.

When Muthama gave the Yatta meeting a wide berth on Monday, everyone knew something was cooking.

For the record, Wiper movement democratic party without without Senator Muthama will be an empty shell riding amidst a Tsunami.Wiper is set to capsize.

A political analyst Dr Dicken kyale has said.

Gemstones dealer Muthama sends Wiper into panic mode after threatening to walk Kamba nation away from Kalonzo!

Wiper brigade has sharply reacted to Muthama threat to walk kamba nation away from Kalonzo for his indecisiveness!

Their statements have been rendered irelevant by majority of Kenyan who are fully behind the former machakos Senator Hon Muthama.

Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka can not Move an inch nationally and politically without Hon Muthama truth be told.Muthama has stood with kamba Nation even when no body could do so.

When County diary Contacted Gemstone Billionaire Muthama, the kamba king maker said he stands by his words for the time being and urged kamba national not to divided by selfish political scavenger who have been using Kalonzo name to settle political scores,They always use him Name to get political Seat and walk away from him, Muthama has said.

Kamba community should move out from unfulfilled political Memorandum from con political leaders, We need to chat different path…

If Dr Musyoka doesn’t know that then I think it’s very unfortunate, yoana Kim said.Kalonzo is already wildly lost and his decision may sent him to infinite political insignificance!From analysis of his past political decisions, He is not lucky in forming successful alliances !

Muthama is aware of this in particular and probably his ability to absorb or listen to his advisers may be the difficulty session of handling Him Dr Mulwa has Said.

The elders of the kamba Nation, the clergy, spiritual leaders should convine a meeting between Kalonzo Musyoka, Senator Muthama and David Musila, Wiper family without these great leaders is just an empty shell.Those clueles individuals who are running the narrative that Muthama has never funded Wiper are just Newcomers in party.

Muthama has said it has been his desire to see all people in ukambani join kalonzo Musyoka and the family of wiper party, the political scavengers have been fighting him including sponsoring media narratives for their selfish gains.