Former Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe, a development icon will be running for Kitui gubernatorial seat, the COUNTY DIARY has reliably learnt.

Malombe’s infrastructure development across the county will be his bond in the coming General election.

The former boss is whispered to be putting his cards strategically ahead of the general election 2022.

The former county Boss has kept off county matters after he lost the election to Charity Ngilu, he is said to have given Kitui matters a wide berth so he can give the current governor charity Ngilu humble time to work.

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The Communication reaching COUNTY DIARY Desk say Malombe is ready to confront the bull by its horns, it will be messy, noise and there might be casualties politically.

More news say his performance scorecard speak volumes and it’s his work doing the talking.

He doesn’t need to talk, if you want to know Malombe, just look around where you are in Kitui and you will see at least a project initiated by Malombe.

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Wow! The Kitui Gubernatorial seat is becoming competitive every day – Gubernatorial aspirants will have to hire smart and great bloggers with political cognizance and savvy of the vast Kitui region since prominent candidates are declaring their candidature every day.

We are also waiting for Jeff Kaluyu to tell us if it’s the Presidency or Gubernatorial – In the meantime, the competition is stiff my fellow Kitui People, electorates, denizens, natives and voters.

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We welcome more candidates into the race. We voters will decide.L et them keep declaring but they should remember to have good bloggers by their side. A good and intelligent team will be important, The one with such will surely win