Ex Kitui Governor Dr Malombe Eulogises Nzamba Kitonga


By mole

Kitui East: Former Kitui governor Dr Julius Malombe has eulogised the late senior counsel Nzamba Kitonga as a forthright and patriotic Kenyan.

Mourning the late Nzamba as a friend and former college mate, Dr Malombe said Kenyans had a lot to emulate in the departed legal icon who championed the current Kenyan constitution.

He said the late Nzamba deserved all the honour bestowed upon him by Kenyans and close friends for his immense service and efforts in making Kenya a better country for all.

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Speaking during the burial ceremony of the departed constitutional lawyer in Mutito, Kitui East today, Dr Malombe called upon Kenyans to support the BBI process which seeks to make amendments to the current constitution in honour of the late Nzamba Kitonga.

Dr Malombe said the BBI process was key in strengthening devolution considering its proposal to increase the allocation of funds to counties from a paltry 15 per cent to the proposed 35 per cent.

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He further urged all leaders to sit and find consensus over any contentious issues in the BBI Task Force Report to deliver a non-contested referendum to Kenyans next year.

“Before his death, my friend Nzamba Kitonga shared with me his support for the proposed amendments to the current constitution, it will be a big honour to him if all of us supported the BBI process” .

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Dr Malombe who is currently serving as chairman of the Kenya Water Towers Agency said.