Ex Kitui Governor Dr Malombe Calls For Unity Among Leaders


By Andrew Munyoki.

On Saturday, September 26 2020 – Kitui South: The Pioneer Kitui governor Dr. Julius Malombe and Kitui South MP Dr. Rachael Kaki Nyamai today reiterated the need for unity among Ukambani leaders as the region positions itself for the 2022 general elections.

The two leaders maintained that the vast Ukambani region can only be respected by other blocks if its leaders remain united and speak in one voice.

The two spoke during the burial ceremony of the late Julia Wayua Nzuki, sister to former Kitui Central MP Titus Mbathi in Kanziko ward, Kitui South.

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” It does not sound well out there when our leaders fight each other every other day. We can not negotiate for anything serious with our daily sibling rivalry” Dr. Nyamai said

Both leaders insisted that the kamba community can only be considered as partners in strong coalitions with other communities if its leaders speak as one.

They said time was ripe that Ukambani leaders quit divisive domestic politics and joined hands to bargain for the community as a team.

” The Kamba community can not afford to miss the target this time round and so we can not continue playing games” former Kitui governor Dr. Malombe said.


Both agreed that former VP Kalonzo Musyoka was the region’s top leader and best suited to lead the community in coalition negotiations with leaders from other regions moving forward.

” The position Kalonzo Musyoka can occupy during negotiations for our people, nobody else can locally and it is good to admit some truths” Dr. Nyamai added.

Hospital ward (Nairobi City County) MCA Musili Mbangula who was also in attendance asked leaders across the divide in Ukambani to respect the WIPER party leader and support him in his bid to unite the Ukambani region.

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“Kalonzo has proven to be a key unifying figure in and out of Kenya, allow him to unite the region under one umbrella and continue speaking for us nationally” he said.

Other leaders in attendance include former MPs Titus Mbathi ( Kitui Central), Patrice Ivuti (Kitui South), Kitui County chamber of commerce and industry chairman Duncan Singi and Mutomo Kibwea MCA David Masaku.