Evil for Evil, Corona Destroys Reggae as Ruto Reaps


Why 2022 Presidential Election will Not be a walk in the Park

The journey for support and withdrawal of some politicians for the sake of the others is very costly!

You have to give them money and in billions behind the scenes just for the slogan “tosha” to start with .

This is not easily affordable by the present lineup apart from the sugoi descendant and the mean man from Bondo!.

A serious presidential contender must be able to cough a minimum of fifty billions to the campaigns , Ruto is very ready to paint the entire nation with his colour if the trend continues as it seems!

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Moi family for now cannot afford to drain their inheritance in billions to such course and especially when there is a possibility of a glaring court battles on who owns what in the family !

ODM boss Raila Odinga believes he can obtain royalty from wiper party leader Dr Stephen kalonzo with ease but unfortunately the Kamba community is silently watching keenly on his movement to support him or runaway ! They say Kalonzo is a persistent fighter in the wrong battalion! We might be wrong or right, but if we are wrong it’s because we do not choose to be right.

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Mt Kenya doesn’t require money but a friendly leader to gear up their businesses for more money and by today they can’t trust Raila especially when they compare him with Ruto a cheerful generous giver and an investor to the kingdom we all aspire !

Uhuru has already planned to go home to prepare one of his descendants to start the long political journey to presidency probably by 2037 as the first trial !

According to Uhuru enough is enough and despite rastas and reggae lyrics and absence of him and his deputy , Ruto has become an undeniable brand! We might be right or wrong but remember if we are wrong it’s because we don’t chose to be right.

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According to the opinion of the majority (BBi) has made things worse and has achieved nothing apart from spreading Rastafarianism! Thank God the President Uhuru kenyatta ordered public gathering halted.

Many believes if Mt Kenya is comfortable with Ruto as it is by today then it would be betrayal to force what they call an enemy to them !

Many honestly sees corona virus as Redeemer from the ‘old man’ bringing to an end the uniting turned divisive bridge !