EU, Amref Kenya Hold COVID19 Infection Prevention Training In Kitui



On 3rd December 2020 – The EU, Amref Health Africa, and the YED Network held Kitui Youth Leaders Covid19 IPC Training at Kitui town, the COUNTY DIARY Reports.

The aim of the COVID19 Prevention control peer to peer Training was to acquire knowledge and skills to prevent transmission of deadly covid19 pandemic.

  • Acquire knowledge and skills on how to control Covid19,
  • Acquire knowledge on the use of PPEs,
  • Acquire communication skills on covid19,
  • Acquire knowledge on psychological support within the context of the corona pandemic.

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The escalated plans of the grassroots community support on covid19 sensitization, it was an important workshop to enhance covid19 awareness among the locals.

The training program is currently going on in over eight counties in Kenya .

The people who are likely to contract corona are as follows.

  • The elderly
  • Immune suppressed individuals.
  • TB infected individuals
  • Those suffering from the Heart disease
  • Diabetic patients
  • Those suffering from Hypertension
  • Chronic lung disease
  • Cancer patients
  • Obesity individuals.
  • Smokers and Alcoholic individuals.
  • Chronic kidney diseases.

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Among those who delivered the keynote Speeches are them the National Chairman YED NETWORK Mr Adam Israel.

Mr. Charles waweru Head of Projects, YED Network. Mr. Mohamed lakicha secretary-general, YED Network. Madam Lilian kilonzo – Amref health Africa representative.
Kitui County Government director in the Ministry of Culture Mr. Shadrac Mutuku Musyoka. daniel mutinda the county government disease surveillance coordinator, Among others.

Mr Charles Waweru, Head of the project, YED Network addressing the COVID19 infection prevention control trainers at Kitui town.

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Participants keenly following the speeches
Kitui county disease surveillance coordinator Mr Daniel Mutinda addressing the participants.
Mr Charles Waweru Taking participants through the chains of Covid19 Infection.

The Secretary of YED network mr Mohamed Lakicha taking the participants through the expectation of the Workshop.

Participants keenly following during the workshop.