Eric Omondi Puts Urban Gospel Musicians on the Spot as Kenyans thump him up



The president of the comedy in Kenya Mr. Eric Omondi has placed the urban gospel Ministers in the spotlight.

The fearless yet controversial comedian has said the gospel artists in Kenya have been a big letdown to the Music industry.

The comedian said, the current gospel Musician has no different from Secular Musicians, hence that why they are struggling because they have left their true Ministry calling.

Omondi has called on Gospel Musicians in Kenya to repent or Perish because they are not serving the true God. Eric said some have left the Church altar to do secular music.

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Comedian Eric Omondi has taken a swipe at gospel artistes in the country with what he terms a “message from God.” Omondi in a video called out the musicians outing a few alleged ugly realities attached to the gospel industry.

While reminiscing about the days of Groove Awards and naming a few big names, he claims the industry that was the identity of the country has lost its glory.

“Where is Daddy Owen, where is Jimmy Gait, where is Mercy Masika, where is Alice Kamande, where is Gloria Muliro, where is Eunice Njeri, Kambua what are you doing?” he piqued in his lengthy outburst.

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“The gospel industry was the identity of Kenyan music but they have all fallen and the church has let down Kenyans. Gospel artistes have more scandals than secular musicians. You have left the Ministry, you have left God, and you have left the church, you will never succeed,” he claimed.

Some have become cloud chasing celebrities instead of pursuing their calling. The message by Eric Omondi has been echoed by thousands of Christians all over the world.


The gospel artists who were mentioned in his viral video footage have come out gun blazing defending themselves from the outburst of the Comedian.

Many people think that “God has used Eric Omondi to rebuke immoralities among Gospel artists in the gospel Industry. The Lord can use any living creature for his own glory .

Many Gospel artists have become a laughingstock because of their lifestyle which is not different from earthly Musicians.