Mwingi: Enziu Deadly Bridge Tragedy Exposes Kitui’s Weak leadership



The killer enziu river that claimed over 33 lives this year has exposed kitui leadership especially from Mwingi region in bad light.

“Every year, lives has been lost, the government and elected leaders always rush to the river to say pole and promise that the government will construct the killer Enziu bridge.

In 2017 lives were lost, in 2018, lives were lost, in 2019 lives where lost, in 2021 the biggest tragedy hit the country leaving kitui mourning where over thirty three lives where lost .

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The state has promised to construct the killer bridge at a cost of 600M, will it be done? It’s a wait and see.

Kitui residents always cry for Water every year, when it rains, lives are lost. No single efforts to construct Mega earth dam especially from the National Government.

The county has seasonal mega rivers which can be converted as mega Earth dams to ease the perennial water shortage and droughts every year by the National Government.

The members of Parliament from kitui should lobby and compel The national government to construct Mega Mega Earth Dam around the ENZIU River…

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But who will push it????

Controversial Gatundu South Mp Moses Kuria mocked kitui leaders, some people are said he is heartless but on the flip side, he had point.

Dear God Almighty, I dedicate this Sunday to your people in Ukambani. They are the only species on earth who die from lack of water through drought and starvation and they also die from too much water through flooding.– Moses Kuria wrote on social media.

The National Government should be Compelled to construct a Mega Mega Earth dam around THUA RIVER in kitui east to end the perennial water shortage!.

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but who will push it?

The National Government should be Compelled to construct Mega Mega Earth dam around TIVA RIVER in Kitui rural constituency to end the perennial water shortage!/

but who will push it?

As much as we pamper our leaders, it’s clear they have a lot to convince us. Why can’t kitui leaders lobby for mega Earth dam projects?/