Enlarge Your Conciousness Territory for better Yield


By County diary

The average state of the human mind is only a fragmented piece of total consciousness. In this fragmented you are cut off from reality.

You inevitably live in fear and limitation. Yet you believe that this is all there is to your life and you frantically clutch at this limited fragment.

You resist the natural inner movement of the soul to go beyond, to expand this state, because the split-off ego-consciousness fears that doing so will annihilate you. You ardently protect this limited consciousness, yet this very limitation creates fear and suffering.

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This is, broadly speaking, humanity’s plight. It is your task, in the cycle of incarnations, to reintegrate this split-off ego-consciousness and to regain forever wider and deeper portions of your real self, your cosmic existence, with its infinite possibilities for experience, joy, and creation of the self.

Humanity believes that this split-off ego-consciousness is the real self. You identify with your brain, your outer intelligence, your will, your mind, all those faculties immediately available, not realizing that to whatever degree you now possess these, it was you who in the past made them available for yourself through a deliberate effort.

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For there was a state in which you possessed much less awareness, less power to create, less ability to experience joy. Your consciousness was much more limited and confined. You had to use whatever consciousness you had to enlarge your faculties and to avail yourself of dormant possibilities.

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This process must continue until there is no longer any split-off fragment and humanity has reached cosmic consciousness, which means that humanity itself has become one with ultimate reality.

The process of self-enlargement, of making apparently foreign territory your own domain, constitutes SPIRITUAL PRACTICE or Sadhana—any valid sadhana.