Engamba location and her Environs to get Telephony Coverage


6/2 /2019

By our Reporter

The area of kitui east which has been without telephone coverage will be getting coverage in few weeks time , kitui east member of Parliament hon Nimrod Mbai has said,

The mp led delegation to Engamba Village in Endau/ Malalani Ward to inspect the progress of the mask, Engamba has been more of a ghost village since 1992 when armed Camel Herders invaded the school, killed the Head Teacher, two other teachers and five villagers.

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The school was closed from that horrible date, villagers fled to saver areas and the story ended there until last year when we decided to bring live back to Engamba. First we had to push away the occupying Camel Herders Nimrod Mbai said.

With a brief History and some words of wisdom from the then Member of Parliament, The Hon Ezekiel Mwikya Mweu, we decided to push for mobile phone network coverage, a Police post, then reopening of the school.

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On Monday i was glad to visit and inspect the ongoing construction of Safaricom Network booster mp added.

IG Boinet has okayed the establishment of the Police Post, which the KEC NG-CDF has allocated 1million for its construction and another 1.6 Million for the construction of two classrooms to usher live back to our lovely village

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Engamba is the home of Kalekye wa Enzelele…the famous Kamba warrior
Yesterday I took a sip of water from the Historical ” Kithimani kwa Kalekye Wa Enzelele”

We will have to erect a monument in his honour when live cripps back to Engamba Village.

Tukaina Wathi Mweu