Eng Felix Kyamata Reacts after Supreme Court Landmark BBI ruling



Kitui south young leader and promoter of BBI Eng Felix Kyamata was among the leaders who reacted after Supreme Court BBI Landmark Ruling that pronounced the entire process null and void.

Speaking to the TCD editor, Kyamata said and I quote, “I wish to comment on the just concluded BBI ruling today by the 7 benches of the supreme court judges.

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The ruling is a ruling for all the Kenyans from across the divide,
Those who think the BBI ruling affected the Azimio team are just thinking if not hallucinating out of ignorance.

If everyone listened so carefully to the submission of the rulings by individual judges then one will note that BBI is just but a deferred dream whose path, way and process were outlined in the ruling beginning from initiation to completion.

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For instance, the court gave a clear way on the procedure needed to amend the Kenyan constitution in 2010, only the promoters and initiators of BBI were unconstitutional, which means the BBI contents were not unconstitutional but the manner or the process in which it was initiated and promoted.”

Said and done, in the event, the azimio government comes into place, the first assignment would be to amend the constitution, whether in the name tag of BBI or something different”.

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So to the opponents of the BBI, let them brace themselves for the August 9 elections this year, that is the determinant of whether the constitutional amendment would take place or not.

Eng. Kyamata Felix- is an azimio la Umoja crusader and supporter from kitui South.