Embattled Kivou MCA Sammy Munyithya in Trouble


Members of the County Assembly have passed a motion on approval of the report by the Committee on Powers and Privileges chaired by the Speaker Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya on the inquiry into the alleged breach of privilage and unethical conduct of Hon. Sammy Musili Munyithya member for Kivou ward, pursuant to the provisions of Section 15(7) of the County Assemblies Powers and Privileges Act, 2014 (CAPPA) as read together with Standing Order No. 152B(3)(a).

Hon Sammy Munyithya the Chairperson Committee on Lands, Infrastructure and Urban Development is alleged to have forcibly grabbed a committee file from an Assembly staff and fled with it outside the Assembly precints after he had questioned as to why he wasn’t informed of a committee meeting while he is the chair.

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In the report, the Committee made the following recommendations;-
i. Pursuant to Section 17(3)(g) of CAPPA, 2017, suspends Hon. Sammy Musili for 16 plenary sittings for interfering with and obstructing a member of staff while in the execution of her duties, contrary to section 26(1)(b) of the CAPPA, 2017.

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ii. In line with section 17(6) of CAPPA, 2017, bars the member from entering the precints of the County Assembly during the period of suspension without permission of the Speaker.

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iii. Pursuant to Section 17(3) (c) of CAPPA,2017, orders the member to apologise to the County Assembly after lapse of the suspension period for; obstructing a member of staff while executing her duties and adversely undermining the dignity and integrity of the County Assembly and its members.

iv. Failure to apologize will amount to contempt and breach of privileges under section 16(c) of CAPPA,2017 which says a member will be in breach of privilege if he/she willfuly fails to obey an order or resolution made by the Assembly.

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the motion was moved by Hon. Boniface Katumbi (Kyangwithya East) and seconded by Hon. Munira Mohamed (Nominated).