Editor’s Daily Morning News Briefs – July 13



??Kenya News?Jul 13☀

? Gideon Moi & David Murathe Team Up to Eliminate Ruto❗- David Murathe is said to be assembling a team of former parliamentarians from Mt Kenya who were rigged out by William Ruto during the Jubilee nominations… (Type YI94 for more)

? Gamblers Given Up to Friday to Withdraw Funds from Betting Wallets The ministry had also written to telecommunication companies, including Safaricom, directing them to suspend their pay-bills and short codes “until otherwise advised.”… (Type YI95 for more)

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? Betting Firms? Refute State Claims on Taxes❌ – The State on Wednesday evening struck at the heart of 27 betting firms, ordering telcos to shut down their paybill numbers and short codes… (Type YI96 for more)

? I Can’t Solve All Your Problems – Passaris Tells Voters – Passaris says those expecting her to fix it all because they elected her, they must be expecting way too much… (Type YI97 for more)

CLICK TO READ MORE :  Kenya World Athletic Champion Eliud kipchoge breaks his own record

? Post-Election Violence Survivor Elizabeth Wangui Breathes Her Last The 76- year-old mother of one never received the Sh400,000 the government had promised to pay her as compensation… (Type YI98 for more)

? Kenyan Lawmaker Return to India to Repay ₹200 Debbie – Tongi had studied management at Maulana Azad College from 1985-89… (Type YI99 for more)

CLICK TO READ MORE :  Stop being USED by Politicians, Ex CJ Mutunga Tells youth

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