Sunday reflection

By Guest contributor

Self-realization is basically living from your self-nature. It’s just that simple! However, few manage to get to and abide in this state.

Depending on how earnest you are to know the Truth, self-realization can happen right now or take lives together! As in everything worthwhile, self-honesty and absolute earnestness are what counts. If you give your all, the ALL gives itself back to you! “You shall seek me and you shall find me when you seek me with all your heart” is the eternal promise.

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To come to your self-nature, all that is foreign to it must be seen and discarded. It’s just like we can say with certainty that a certain liquid is not water because we KNOW water! Truth is realized by SEEING THE FALSE AS FALSE! We don’t have to struggle to find Truth, we just need to see what is NOT Truth!

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Now, everything that is ACCIDENTAL in your life is NOT YOU! That’s the first thing to grasp. Starting from the basics, all that is a chance occurrence is an imposition on your true nature. So list ALL “accidentals” in your life and firmly feel ” That’s not me”!

Start now. The most obvious is your birth. Now go ahead.