Dumped Asbestos Waste Finally Moved out Kitui.


By yoana kim

8th November

The County government fought hard to have the culprits that buried the asbestos in kiongwe be made to take it out of Kitui County, on Thursday the company that dumped asbestos finally agreed to take away the poisonous waste as directed by the court of law

A court order was obtained to ensure the company that buried it in kiongwe takes it out of the county. That is what those people were getting from kanyoonyoo.

In order to save the water catchment area, before the rainy season, the asbestos had to be removed immediately.

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The county government bore the cost of moving the same out of kiongwe and having the place cleaned to save our water catchment area.

it had to be temporarily stored in containers awaiting the court order compelling the unscrupulous culprits to refund the money used in the clean up from kiongwe and make them take it out of our county to a designated asbestos disposal site.

Asbestos has stringent disposal methods and special requirements for where it should be buried. There are sites specifically designated for that and none are in Kitui County. So no, it should not be buried anywhere in Kitui County and that is exactly what the county government ensured happens.

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We need to know and be conversant with the law on asbestos waste management yoana Kim said

The asbestos waste are being ferried to industrial area in Nairobi under tight supervision of court officials Nema officials and county government officers …
From industrial area they will be taken to Embu Asbestos waste dumping site.


Heavy machine assisting the removal of containers which had asbestos waste
Some of asbestos waste which had been dumped at kanyonyoo finally moved out of kitui

The county government officials from the environment and Natural Resources are tracking the movement of the lories which are carrying there poisonous asbestos waste,..we don’t have to worry yoana Kim the popular blogger posted on an heated debate on popular WhatsApp forum Named kitui professional chat.

The culprits are removing the asbestos from kitui as ordered by court. That was what was happening. No asbestos disposal allowed in kitui thanks to the county government.