Stolen Bull Runs Amok in Market Drama, Refuse to be sold


A stolen bull today broke free from it’s handlers, turned wild and metamorphosed into a killer buffalo — in a day of market drama that turned Kalundu town into a frenzy.

“Wonders will never cease!. There was a free-for-all drama here today evening after an alleged stolen bull refused to be sold in Kalundu market. It broke free and turned wild and scattered everyone in it’s wake” said our Correspondent.

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The bull was currently abandoned near Kitui County Assembly gate as we went to PRESS.

The said black bull, believed to have been stolen from unknown village had turned into be areal buffalo, bringing Kitui town into a standstill

“The angry bull was running after everybody it encountered in it’s wake and no one seemed to be able contain it” said another trader when quizzed by COUNTY DIARY.

After dominating Kitui town, the black bull trotted causally towards Wikililye via Kitui-Kbwezi road, ostensibly to find it’s lucky owner.

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Stay safe, avoid stealing from Kamba native farmer.