Drama as Police Storm Pub In Githurai – Nairobi



Confusion was evident on the streets of Githurai after police on patrol stormed a pub in Nairobi.

The presence of police prompted the drunkards to vacate the space, all in an attempt to cut down on the probability of ending up behind bars for violating covid-19 regulations.

The viral video captures the drunkard jumping from the second floor of a building and finding their way down using the balcony rails.

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Others would slide their way down an electricity pole, their chances of survival hanging on a thin rope.

It’s as if the perpetrators’ lives were rendered stagnant and boring after the President stamped a bitter restriction following the surge in covid-19 cases.

With their urge of downing a bottle spiralling out of control, the men thought it wise to frequent this space and satisfy their alcoholic want.

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It’s reported that the pub was crowded with more than 40 people who considered the scenario a fun past-time.

From the video, you can easily pinpoint that the majority had no facemask on. Safe to say, a section of the Kenyan populace is still wrapped in this limiting belief that Covid-19 is fake.

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Let’s face the fact, as the deadly virus continues to rob lives across the world, better we shift our focus to relevant and approved ways that can cushion us from the virus.