Dr Wathe Nzau’s 2 Years Score Card For Mui Ward As The Deputy Governor Kitui County Government


Dr Wathe Nzau’s 2 years scorecard for Mui Ward in Mwingi Central as the Deputy Governor Kitui County Government.


Excavation of Kaui earth Dam in Ngungi Village.
Hydrological survey for Kyamwenze Girls Secondary School borehole in Lundi Sub Location is done and also Site Identification and design is done, only awaiting drilling.

Hydrological survey for Kavaliki borehole in Itiko Sub Location was done, Site Identification and designs done, only drilling is remaining.
De-silting of Kangii Earth dam in Ngungi Village.
Provided Bulldozer machine for de-silting of Muyuni Earth dam in Ngungi Village, with Community participation component.

Provided Bulldozer machine for excavation of a private Earth dam at Kasyundalwa in Ngungi Village with the owner meeting logistical costs.

Provided Bulldozer machine for excavation of a private Earth dam at Kalikoni area with the owner meeting the logistical costs.

Provided Bulldozer machine for excavation of Mui Primary School Earth dam in Ngiluni Village with the school Community meeting the logistical costs.

He initiated water tracking of 10,000 & 18,000 litres water boozer weekly especially during water scarcity period to several Secondary and Primary Schools and also Community water tanks across Mui Ward.

Specifically some of the school which benefited include Lundi Secondary, Kyamwenze Girls, Munyuni Mixed Secondary, Mui Secondary, Mui Polytechnic, Kamulewa Primary, Kangilw’a Primary, Yumbu Secondary, etc.

He helped in purchasing and Installation of a new Invertor for Lundi Community water borehole which is solar-powered.


Implementation of Kamulewa borehole water project including the construction of the following components:-
(a) Pumphouse.
(b) The elevated plastic storage water tank of 10,000 litres.
(c) 2KM pipeline to Kamulewa market.
(d) Concrete water reservoir tank of 150m³ at Kamulewa.
(e) Water Kiosk at Kamulewa.

Dr Wathe also initiated servicing of Miambani water borehole machine with the installation of a brand new water pump.

Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau

13. Repair of crossing drift in Mui River after a portion of the drift curved down.
14. Wathe also initiated grading of Mui-Ngaa road.

He also initiated grading and putting of murram of Kwa Kathasya- Miambani road after portions of the road became impassable especially around Kwa Nyota and Kwa Masya areas.

  • Initiated construction of a new road from Kosovo Market in Migwani Ward Via Nzouni to Miambani Market in Mui Ward.

Initiated construction of a new road linking Katingani and Nisa Primary School in Ngiluni Village.

This road is proposed to link Kyume- Syukyoa to Miambani Ward in Kitui Central Sub County near Mikuyuni shopping centre, and will be done when rains subside.


Wathe influenced the construction of ECDE Classroom at Munyuni Primary School in Ngoo Village.

Wathe influenced the construction of ECDE Classroom at Ulaa in Kitise Sub Location.

Provided Ksh.500,000 for re-roofing of Mui Polytechnic male dormitory after it was blown off by strong winds.
Provided School fees bursary of Ksh.200,000 for needy students of Munyuni Mixed Secondary School.
He also provided Ksh.300,000 during a funds drive at Kyamwenze girls secondary school for the renovation of classroom and Principal’s residential house, where over One Million Shillings were raised.

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Dr Wathe also provided Ksh.130,000 to Mathuki Girls Secondary School for finishing of Administration Block.

In the Process of providing Ksh.200,000 to Kalitini Day Mixed Secondary School for construction purposes (Pledge is already made and the County Government is doing the processing.)

He initiated full Scholarship to a very needy and bright student from Lundi Primary School who hailed from vulnerable family through sponsorship of Cooperative Bank.

Mui Ward has been receiving the highest share of the Governor’s schools fees bursary kit (apart from Pro-poor fees bursary), compared to all the 40 Wards, courtesy of Deputy Governor’s initiative for the last two consecutive financial years.

Through this Governor’s bursary kit, many students at University, Tertiary Colleges, Secondary Schools and Vocational Training Centres from Mui Ward have immensely benefitted.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau


He spearheaded Livestock improvement project through Artificial Insemination (AI) Synchronization Program at all the 40 Wards where over 4212 fast-growing cross breed Calves were born with Mui Ward being among the beneficiaries.

Facilitated purchase and distribution of high value horticultural certified seeds for Miranda farming especially seeds of Hybrid Watermelons including their pests control chemicals.

This was done mainly at Yumbu, Kalitini, Ngungi and Kathonzweni, among other areas.

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Facilitated purchase and distribution of certified green grams seeds(Ndengu), to vulnerable homestead during Governor Ngilu’s Ndengu farming Revolution Program.

Provided Fingerings for Fish farming at private and Community-owned Earth dams eg, Kaui Earth dam which currently is a source of Mudfish.

31. Facilitated opening of Nduvani Dispensary in Ngungi Village as well as putting health personnel.

Inspection of Nzouni, Mumbai and Kathumo Dispensaries is done, now awaiting recommendation for operationalization.

He assisted in the posting of Laboratory technician at Mui and Muyuni Dispensaries.
F. Employment and Youth Empowerment.

So far, Dr Wathe has helped over 20 Mui Residents to get either a permanent, contract or casual employment in the County Government of Kitui.

Facilitated training and licencing of 50 Bodaboda riders.


Dr Wathe has actively participated in several Church Projects, Programs and major Activities which include AIC Mui Region Church Council anniversary, Construction of Mathuki Catholic Parish Headquarters, AIC Munyuni DCC anniversary, AIC Miambani DCC anniversary, etc.

For the remaining 2 years, as Kitui Deputy Governor, he is committed to serving all residents of Kitui County diligently, honestly and more so support Governor’s 5 Pillars manifesto:-
1. Food and Water.
2. Affordable health care.
3. Education and Youth Development.
4. Women empowerment, and
5. Wealth creation.