By Charles Muthoka.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau on Wednesday toured South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) to inspect the progress of grass pasture, the County diary Reports.

The animals grass was planted by Kitui County Government in partnership with SEKU to promote Livestock Development in the County and beyond.

The County Government partnered with the University in 2018/2019 FY to open and fence a piece of land of 100 acres to plant different types of indigenous grass pasture to promote Livestock Development which is in line with Governor Ngilu’s agenda of Wealth Creation.

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Another piece of land of 100 Acres was fenced and divided in paddocks to enable the County Government buy weak cattle from farmers during dry season and put them there for fattening.

The team agreed harvesting of grass seeds to start immediately, were approximately 500 kilograms is expected to be harvested.

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They also agreed to harvest the grass and bale it for storage to be distributed to farmers during dry spell.

Dr Nzau was accompanied by the CECM for Agriculture, Water and Livestock Development Emmanuel Kisangau, Deputy Director Livestock Development Dr Josephat Maluki and SEKU Registrar, Resource Mobilization Dr Samuel Mutukaa.