Dr. Wathe Inspects County Gvt Projects in Mwingi .


23rd Sep 2018

By the CD reporter

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr Wathe Nzau on Sunday after church services toured Kaui Earthdam in Mui ward

Dr wathe was on a mission for kitui Heath care universal care registration monitoring exercise during which he toured the Earthdam that was one among those done during the first 100days of our Governor in office.

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The dam has never dried since construction fulfilling the 1st Agenda of Food & water. The residents of Mui congratulates H.E. Governor Ngilu for fulfilling her promise to the people of Mui ward.

Dr wathe encouraged mwingi central residents to register massively register for kitui Heath care insurance cover.

The UHC registration drive is expected to net over 270 thousands families across the county for Health coverage Dr wathe said.

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The kitui UHC registration drive is expected to come to an end by 30 sep

The deputy Governor said the county government of kitui is committed into delivering sustainable development goals for her people, amid complains from government critics.