Dr. Temi holds TALKS With TOP Scientists from “ICIPE” on Sustainable Management of Mango Fruit Fly in Kitui County


On Wednesday, 29th July 2020, Dr. Temi held consultative discussions with TOP Scientists from International Centre for Instect Physiology and Ecology ( ICIPE), on Sustainable Management of Mango Fruit Fly in Kitui County, the COUNTY DIARY Reports.

The Value chain Specialist in the office of the Governor Charity Ngilu, had fruitful discussions with a high powered team from ICIPE at their offices on sustainable fruitfly management and bees as pollinators.

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From my immediate right is Dr. Micheal Lattoff; Dr. .Shepard Ndlela ( a Post Doctoral Researcher on Plant Health)) and Dr. Samira Muhammed, (the Head of the Fruitfly Division at ICIPE).

“Will be sharing more on the next move. However, based on this preliminary meeting, I can say without any iota of doubt that, the panecia to the ever annoying fruitfly manace on our Mango and other assorted fruits ( especially water melon, tomatoes, and guavas), is available at ICIPE and will be landing in Kitui County very, very soon”, Dr Temi added.

Later in the day, Dr Temi held talks with world renown economist and Columnist Prof David Ndii, Prof Lauded Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu for initiating life-changing programs and Urged other Governors to initiate similar programs in their Counties.

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The County Government of Kitui is committed to Investing in Beekeeping as part of the wealth creation pillar, the Director of Value chain Specialist in the office of Governor, Dr Temi Mutia has said.