Dr Mwongela Mulwa to Face Mbaki Mbaki in 2022 polls



Dr Joseph Mwongela Mulwa has declared his intention to unseat former Kitui county assembly minority leader Hon John Kisangau who’s the Kwa Vonza/ yatta ward MCA.

In 2013, Dr Mulwa vied for the kitui senatorial race,
In 2017, he vied for Kwa Vonza MCA where he lost narrowly to
MCA Mbaki Mbaki.

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A decorated economist is again going to face Mbaki Mbaki for Kwa Vonza ward in 2022!

He is by today the most popular candidate leading the six others who have declared their candidacy in the ward! He is deemed as a redeemer and a focused politician whose vision goes beyond the ward ! His entry to the race is seen as a preparation for future higher contests in the national politics.

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He is believed to be the match which can easily destroy mbakis political journey.