Dr Makali dismiss Online Critics,Urge them to read more


Kitui Central Member of Parliament Dr. Makali Mulu has dismissed online critics in a WhatsApp group that left Majority of Members of the forum looking where to hide, the COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

In a controversial letter which was openly being circulated online calling him watermelon” “Makali told off the critics, saying ” I have been in political game for long and urged critics to read more and read more then they can engage on the same level.

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The letter was as follows,”Open questions to WaterMelon and coronated fence sitter Makali Mulu”Greetings bwana Mulu, The self appointed chairman of Kitui MPs,”
We won’t waste our time asking you what you have done, in your capacity as self appointed chairman of kitui MPs, Bwana Makali, are u a hopeless fence sitter and a conniving betrayed in matters kitui ”

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“Dr Makali rebutted in the same Measure, ” Wiiithya mang’ula” you are playing in an open space” Have been in this game for long, I encourage you to read very interesting subject tittled game theory and then we engage, Dr Makali added.

Bwana Makali, this game theory u are talking about, does it teach about fence sitting and indecisiveness? The critics asked!” Hon. Mulu Wa Makali: responded,” I thought I encouraged you to read. “Why questions soma soma Read, Read otherwise don’t engage.

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I thought I encouraged you to read. Why questions soma soma otherwise don’t engage” makali Said.