Dr Kitetu Urges Kitui West Residents to Support Azimio



The Kitui CEC incharge of Health and Sanitation Dr Winnie Kitetu has urged Kitui West residents to support Azimio La Umoja movement, which has brought over 26 political parties together.

“I want to encourage everyone to support the Azimio La Umoja movement because all our Kamba leaders lead by Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu cemented their unequivocal support towards the movement by signing the coalition pact like other political parties across the country,” said Kitetu.

Kitetu further reiterated that resources allocated to the three Ukambani counties is not enough equated to the vast size of the counties. With the small budget allocation you find out that counties are faced with the challenge to offer better health services, infrastructure, spur industries to provide job opportunities to the increasing number youths.

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“The 30billion allocated to the three Ukambani counties is not sufficient. Development initiatives have been in a slow motion mode because the Akamba community has always been outside the government. This time I can see all our leaders have shown us the direction to the government, therefore I urge you to support them without any doubt,” pleaded Kitetu.

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It is through your support, our leaders will have a higher bargain power of a better deal when it comes to resource allocation to our counties. This better deal will enable our counties to equip our hospitals with sufficient drugs, expand and initiate more water projects, opening of the counties through roads networks among other development schemes of core to the Ukambani residents.

The CEC continued to emphasize the need to be in government, not only for resources allocation but also for national and international appointments for sons and daughters of the soil.


Dr Kitetu Urges Kitui West Residents to Support Azimio

Kitetu was addressing ACK St James Kathiia parishioners in Mutonguni Ward, Mwingi West when she joined them for a Sunday service and later conducted a harambee as the Chief Guest for the construction of reverend’s house.

Kitetu was accompanied by various county officials including Peninnah Nzile the deputy director from the office of the governor, Dr Bradford Mutunga, the Kitui County Refferal Hospital, Medical Superintendent among other county officials.