Dr KITETU issues Statement on drugs availability in Kitui health facilities


Statement on drugs availability in Kitui health facilities, issued by. Dr Winnie Kitetu, CEC in-charge of Health and Sanitation.

My attention has been drawn by an article circulating on the social media alleging there are no drugs in our facilities.

From the onset, let me say this, the above statement is so unfortunate. The statement lacks facts, maliciously and falsely drafted with an aim to create unnecessary tension and fear among the Kitui residents.

Allow me to state the record clear. As we speak now all the 14, Level 4 hospitals in Kitui county have had adequate stock of drugs.


The other lower levels of health facilities collect their drugs from the Level 4 facilities within their respective sub-county.

The collection of drugs from the sub county facilities is squarely the duty and responsibility of the in-charge of the facility.

Therefore, lack of drugs at the lower level facility is an administrative failure by the in-charge, but not by the ministry.

As the ministry of Health and Sanitation we usual place our orders for our drugs and other pharmaceuticals at the beginning of every quarter of every financial year.

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At the moment we are on our last day’s of the second quarter of Fy 2021-2022.

Therefore, there is a higher possibility that the drugs procured for the second quarter are getting out of stock.

Kindly note, the ministry has already placed an order for various drugs for the third quarter for the Fy 2021-2022.

All the 47 counties in Kenya are required by law to procure their drugs at KEMSA.

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KEMSA operates on the principal of first come first serve.

Therefore, there is no way Kitui order can skip other orders placed before.

Finally, as the CEC in charge of Health and Sanitation in Kitui, i want to assure inpatients, outpatients and Kitui residents at large that there are adequate drugs in all our health facilities across the county.

And any other position apart from this kindly treat it as rumors and grape vine with an aim to taint the ministry as failed.

Thank You.

Dr. Winnie Kitetu(Phd)

Health and Sanitation, CEC

Kitui County