Dr Kasalu, Ngilu’s Communication Advisor lock horns


War of word between Kitui women Rep Hon Irene Kasalu and Ngilu’s Communication Advisor Madam Fm Ngesa has continued to escalate on social Media.

On Saturday evening a WhatsApp account by the name Mutua257 posted on social media abusing the Senator Wambua, the Government critics used the opportunity to Fight back in equal measure.

Madam fatuma posted,” Its unfortunate that when such characters abuse our Governor you ” referring Dr Kasalu” Never say anything. Double standards!
“Do you enjoy when they abuse our Governor Ngilu, She posed a question to the Members.

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“It took the intervention of the lead admin to kick out abusive Member from the WhatsApp group called Kitui professional chat that comprises all leaders.

The post by Victor Mutua drew sharp reactions from Members including The women rep, who said ” I hope you are not a mother and if you are I wonder the morals you instill in your children.

Secondly not because I owe you any explanation, but because am elected by people of kitui, most of times I have to chew the bitter pill and answer some not so worthy comments like this one…

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This pseudo WhatsApp number which now I believe belongs to you, has insulted me severaly just like Governor and others have been insulted by other people and I kept quite because that am used to, but this time it stooped so low and my conscience could not allow that.

Finally my elder sister learn to defend your Governor with a clear steady mind, Dr Kasalu posted.

In tough rejoider Madam Fatuma responded to Dr.Irene heavily, “You are dealing with the wrong person. This is Fatuma Ngesa, I asked you a very simple question when Governor is abused you never defend her or other you never say anything, “I call that double standard considering that she is a woman like you.

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“How can you lie this low to answer bloggers yet you claim you are an elected leader. Read my text well. I am shocked by your comments. You say I your big sister even your younger sister is older than me. Sorry but you sound funny and confused! Fatuma thundered!