Dr. Kaluyu Cautions On An Impending BBI conflict With MCAs



A little controversial detail that is likely to decide the BBI success is that of University Degree requirement for MCAs for 2022 elections.

Even though its has its origins from elsewhere they will likely demand for it to be dropped before passing the BBI. I argue that it is to the benefit of MCAs to aquire some sort of a diploma that will improve their professional value beyond elections.

It is true that will be, likely, a major decision point, the final battle.

Fact- a big number of MCAs have no college degrees. They will likely use it as bait. I dont see how they will vote themselves out of jobs.

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On a recent article MCAs also want Ward funds to be increased from 5% towards 35%?.

They also propose county ministers appointed from the county assemblies mirroring the BBI proposal at the national level. If this isn’t an epic battle brewing I dont know what it is.

And you my fellow leaders -MCAs, the remaining 18 months before elections are more than enough to acquire some diploma.

HELB is available. If you can’t get it within that time, you perhaps shouldn’t be contesting for the MCA slot.

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How will you interprete white papers or oversight projects effectively ? Where education financing is challenging, BBI leaders should propose some financial assistance.

That is the formular for working with MCAs on BBI.

Again, there is life after BBI. The way we handle BBI will alao shape the up the political way of life.

I am therefore asking fellow leaders to negotiate all points of conflict as the the BBI process progresses.


(Edited By PATRICK KIMANZI – Executive Editor at COUNTY DIARY and a Former Nation Correspondent)