DR. KALUYU: Becoming The SUN of KENYA




When University don Dr. Jeff Kaluyu penned his engrossing leadership and motivational book SUCCEEEING IN THE FACE OF CHALLENGE in 2016, which became a bestseller in the US, the sleek, suave Wall Street honcho did not envision that one day it would became indispensible as a modus operandi to navigate Kenya’s volatile elective politics.

Fast forward 2022 and the man who cut his teeth in the cut throat exchange markets in New York Trading behemoth is now staring at an opportunity to right things in his home country – Kenya.

Christened the Leader of Our Times, Kaluyu posses the mettle and the nitty gritty to manage public coffers in Kenya.

His expertise is buoyed by his Bachelors degree in Finance Economics and propped up with a Masters – finance & economics.

With a PhD in health policy & research (covid is covered), Kaluyu told COUNTY DIARY that his biggest dream as a little boy in semi-arid Kitui were those of his grandfather; owning a lot cows and goats and taking them to the grazing fields to show off the numbers himself.


Encouragement from his teachers and community saw the politician proceed to the US for higher education, working in Wall Street, becoming a university dean, a Professor, a Radio/TV program host and finally coming back to Kenya to run for the highest office in the land; The Presidency.

Kaluyu came closer to achieving his childhood dream in 2017 when he emerged number 4 in the hotly contested General Elections in his motherland, Kenya, voted in by both the teeming masses and elites alike.

What is in Dr. Kaluyu’s mind this time around, for 2022?

In his own words, the politician who has established a national network of support fragmented in pressing issues of the day- unlike his potential opponents who have retreated to tribal cacoons exhumes confidence of a convincing victory if he runs again.

His achievements include ; Dr Kaluyu Leadership academy that helps Youth be responsible stewards of our nation.

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Dr. Kaluyu Youth Empowerment Center which gives informational resources to shape careers of our hundreds of youth in Kitui and it’s environs.

Dr Kaluyu Women Empowerment Center guides and propels our women towards leadership.

And then there is The Dr. Kaluyu GIS Center for Excellence – a new novel ground-breaking program in mapping important elements that will guide National decision making-process.

An author with some of his most powerful books at publishers.

Dr. Kaluyu told the Press that the next generation of presidents or governors will require pure skill, undoubtable intelligence and and wide international experience.

Keen vetting should include history of performance and impeccable critical thinking.

No other leader comes to mind to match Dr. Jeff Kaluyu.

May it be presidency or Governorship he is good for it.

He said;

” I represent a large number of Kenyan experiences. So being a president or Governor I would understand and represent a common Kenyan. I represent their hopes, dreams and aspirations. I know their challenges.

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I am not trying to be a leader just because he can. People have asked me. They know I have lived their lives and have the scars to show for it”.

Dr. Jeff expressed frustrations in media, whom many of them grew poor, yet get swooped into skewed reporting thus ignoring the very poor class that many grew with.

He exhumed cofidence that once he makes his decision to run, he will be be the agreeable candidate for Kenya and the world at large.

” If Kenyans choose me against other so called big candidates then they will have no personal scores to settle nor unnecessary, deadly political fights. That’s common sense”.

Dr. Jeff will be advising COUNTY DIARY on is decision soon.