Dr. Irene Kasalu Meets Women Leaders in Mwingi Forum.

Dr Irene Kasalu listening to locals in Mwingi leaders forum

Story by

The County Correspondent.

19th October 2018

Kitui County woman Rep Dr. Irene Kasalu has met Mwingi women leaders today for a regional policy consultative forum for sensitization on the 9 issues of the Building Bridges Initiative.

The issues are:
1 Ethnic antagonism and competition
2 Lack of National Ethos
3 Inclusivity
4 Devolution
5 Divisive elections
6 Safety and security
7 Corruption
8 Shared prosperity
9 Rights and Responsibilities

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Addressing the local women leaders, Dr. Kasalu said Kenyans should embrace each other regardless of their political contradictions and Positions, She called for issue based electoral processes besides unification of all women in leadership saying ” we are unbeatable if we decide to work together as a team”

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” As women, we are ready to embrace the Constitutional Reforms as long as they don’t affect the gains enshrined in the 2010 Constitution” she added. This comes during the ongoing Impending referendum on the conditional change, Dr Irene said devolution was the gift that the people of kenya got after the promulgation of the 2010 constitution.

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