Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli Boosts Ngiini FC with Generous Donation and Support


In a move that underlines his commitment to youth development and community engagement, Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli, founder of Kyalo Kya Maendeeo, on Sunday donated a full dressing kit to Ngiini FC, his hometown football club.

The donation was accompanied by a promise of full support if the team excels in their games.Dr. Muli, who was on Saturday installed as the National Anzauni Patron at his Misuuni residence, expressed his dedication to supporting youth and promoting their talents through various initiatives.

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Traditionally known for women empowerment projects, the Kyalo Kya Maendeeo Foundation is expanding its focus to include initiatives that positively impact the lives of young people.

During a press briefing following the donation event, Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli emphasized the foundation’s commitment to addressing youth idleness and preventing involvement in criminal activities.

The donation of uniforms, dressing kits, match day allowances, and water for drinking during matches aims to provide tangible support to Ngiini FC and create opportunities for the youth in the community.

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Dr. Muli went a step further by promising match day bonuses for every victory Ngiini FC achieves. Additionally, he pledged to hire the players as security during Kyalo Kya Maendeeo Foundation events, showcasing a holistic approach to community involvement.

While highlighting the importance of sports in youth development, Dr. Muli called upon Governor Julius Malombe to focus on improving the state of stadiums in Kitui County. He stressed that the existing stadiums do not meet the required standards and urged the governor to invest in upgrading these facilities for the benefit of the local sports community.

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The generous donation from Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli reflects a proactive effort to empower and engage the youth through sports, setting a positive example for community leaders and stakeholders. As Ngiini FC receives this support, it marks the beginning of a promising chapter for both the club and the broader community in Kitui County.