Why Ruto’s Interview left Politicians Mesmerized



The Deputy President of Kenya Dr. William Ruto’s live interview at the leading TV networks in Kenya has left the majority of his accusers disoriented politically, The COUNTY DIARY has learnt.

Kenyans are always glued to their TV sets whenever DP Ruto graces a live televised interview.

They expect fireworks, straight talk and hard nosed answers laced with wit, innuedos and cleverly disguised rhetorical whims.

Yesterday, they were not disappointed.

Ruto’s brief answers, mixed with his candour and calm demeanour delivered with decorated political questions got many Kenyans awed.

As they marvelled, some were left with more questions than answers.

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You see, Ruto has a way of answering every question thrown at him, from his personality, character, alleged scandals to politics that intrigue Kenyans.

The seasoned anchor, Ken Mijungu expected to punch Ruto with hard-hitting questions regarding his reportedly broken relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta but he was in for a shock.

The media has been awash with reports that Kenyatta snubbed Ruto at Mombasa when he held a meeting with governors and it was also alleged he held a parallel meeting with Kenyatta in Coast.

DP Ruto will also be tasked with elaborating on the apparent change of tune regarding the Building Bridges Initiatives (BBI) forums by himself and several other leaders allied to him.

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The towering Kenyan politician DP Dr Ruto said that some people are accusing him of not being loyal to the President – my friend, I have never supported him.

“1st When uhuru joined Parliament for the first time through nomination, it was me that the former president sent to convince Mark Too to step down for uhuru to be nominated–Dp Ruto blasted his enemies.

“2nd When Raila, Kalonzo and others refused to support uhuru in 2002, I stuck with him.

3rd In the same 2002, when uhuru went to read his concession speech, only 3 mps were left with him – I was one of them.


4th In 2013, when Mudavadi and Kalonzo and others refused to sacrifice their political ambitions, I sacrificed mine and supported him.

5th In 2017, I was being approached by our rivals to join them against uhuru, I refused and stuck with uhuru.

6th Before Raila reached out toUhuruu – he had tried to reach me four times – but every time, I reported it to my boss.

My friend, what other loyalty are you talking about? No single senior politician in Kenya has given the president political support for the longest time than myself.

The biggest interviews which took one hour is estimated to have been watched by over 7 million people in Kenya and beyond.