Dp Ruto leaves Makueni People in stitches….


Listen As Ruto Begs Kalonzo To Support Him – Literally!!

Steven Please Support Me This Time – Ruto Begs Kalonzo – Literally!!


Deputy President William Ruto is literally begging for political support from former VP Kalonzo Musyoka — as his quest for the top seat rides doldrums.

According to a leaked sound bite doing rounds on WhatsApp, the man from the Kalenjin land is heard begging the VP and almost pleading for sympathy – as his listeners quake in laugher and possible jibes.

“Your people told you to run for the top seat… but my people told me the same thing…you must be smart and refuse to allow them to sway us, as they will become senators and MPs while we might lose!” quips Ruto.

As his listeners roll over each other in sustained laughter, Ruto seems to plead for sympathy in the next few seconds of the recorded podcast.

He goes on recounting how he has been cheated from his birthright – the Presidency!

Alluding to his thaw, intriguing and cat and mouse political relationship games with Baba, Ruto says;

“I helped the Kitendawili man to become the PM and what did he do? He went ahead and back stabbed me during the ICC cases. He wanted to jail me at ICC even after helping him, “the DP revealed that the kitendawili man can never win and im sorry not to have told you, Dp told kalonzo Musyoka

“Please Steven support me, ama namna gani my friend?” Ruto is heard insuniating during the podcast.