Dp Rigathi asks Cabinet Secretaries to exercise cautious while addressing Kenyans


The Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has urged caution in the manner in which Cabinet Secretaries address the Kenyan people. According to Gachagua, CSs should exercise caution and professionalism while addressing the public, considering that they hold positions of authority and are responsible for articulating government policies.

Gachagua’s remarks come in the wake of a heated exchange between some of the Cabinet Secretary who speak to Kenyan with a lot of recklessness. Some cabinet secretaries have been accused of making disrespectful comments while addressing voters who look upon them for direction and hope.

Gachagua’s call for caution is crucial as it highlights the need for leaders to uphold decorum and respect, fostering a more conducive environment for constructive dialogue and engagement with the public.

Maintaining professionalism and exercising caution in public addresses is essential for government officials in Kenya. These leaders hold significant positions of power and influence, and their words hold weight among the Kenyan population.

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The responsibility that comes with these roles requires CSs to be mindful of their language, tone, and delivery when addressing the public. By doing so, they can ensure that their statements are not misconstrued or perceived as disrespectful or dismissive.

Effective communication that is respectful and inclusive can foster a sense of trust and openness between the government and its citizens, thus facilitating harmonious dialogue and collaboration towards the nation’s development goals.

Good afternoon, Kenya.
I am home; I am happy to be back after a fruitful official visit to Colombia. As the saying goes; East or West, Home is Best.

While away, I keenly kept abreast discussions back home, especially on the recent spike in oil prices, which, though global, have not spared us.
I have noted with concern the exchanges between public servants and the People of Kenya.

I want to call upon fellow leaders, particularly those that our President, H.E Dr @WilliamsRuto, has given the privilege to serve Kenyans to exercise caution in addressing Their Employer- the People of Kenya. It is Insensitive to talk down on The People.

I would like to remind them that although the people of Kenya did not employ them directly, they decisively elected H.E President William Ruto, who in turn appointed them Cabinet Secretaries and Advisors. And hence by virtue of this -they are employed by Kenyans. You Do Not address your employer with arrogance. Do so with Humility and Decorum. Kenyans, like the rest of the world, are going through difficult Economic times and leaders should address them with Sensitivity and Empathy.

Responsible leaders should be sensitive and inspire Hope to the People-the Hope for a Better tomorrow. Talking down on the people and demoralising those who look up to them for solutions and a way out of the difficult situation they find themselves in is not good leadership. Please Do Not SPITE the People of Kenya.

President Ruto always encourages us to offer Servant Leadership, be humble, and serve with Humility.

With deep respect, I would like to plead with the people of Kenya to appreciate that the issue of fuel prices is a worldwide challenge. Things will get better as we move along. The Government remains aware of and is sensitive to the challenges Kenyans are facing today; the arrogant statements by a few leaders DO NOT, in Any Way, reflect the official Government position or that of President William Ruto.

The President remains committed to finding lasting and sustainable solutions to the economic challenges that face our great Nation.

God bless Kenya.