By county diary

Dormant dispensaries in Migwani sub County, Kitui County are set for a major upgrade ahead of their commissioning for operations.

Their operationalization, a major milestone towards achieving Governor Charity Ngilu’s 5 pillar manifesto, was made public by the County Nursing Officer, C.N.O, Mrs. Monica Mutisya
While she made site visits to the affected dispensaries.

“I have seen these facilities, bold structures left unattended. I will ensure they are fully operational and properly stocked with personnel, drugs and the relevant equipment.” Mrs. Mutisya Said.

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Flanked by the area member of County Assembly, Hon. Philip Nguli Kalumaita, and the Governor’s Communications Advisor, Fatuma Ngesa, the C.N.O assured the residents that the County Health Officers across all health Facilities countywide, were committed to ensuring that all residents of the entire County received quality heath care in line with Governor’s 5 Pillar Manifesto.

Further, she urged the residents to utilize the maternity facilities set to be operationalized alongside those dispensaries.
” It hurts me to see a woman having to labour and bear long distances to just to deliver. These dispensaries have the maternity facilities to help Musangi,

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I will come and do the First delivery personally.” The CNO reiterated just after visiting Katalwa Dispensary.
On his part Hon. Kalumaita, appreciated efforts to operationalize the dispensaries and urged the community to utilize these facilities once operational.

“These dispensaries will have saved many people the distances they covered, Its high time they utilized them.” Kalumaita said.
After the exercise it was agreed upon that 5 dispensaries, will be operationalized in 3 months time. Among the 5 units, 3 will have a fully operational maternity units.

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