Don’t Shut Kitui Hospitals, Ignore CoG Directives Ngilu Told


The Council of Governors (CoG) has come under sharp criticism from Senators terming the council leadership as colourless and clueless outfits.

Speaking in Senate on 16th, September 2020, Makueni Senator Hon Mutula Jnr warned Governor Kibwana not to shut down Makueni hospitals, if he dares he will be impeached pronto, Mutula warned.

Kitui senator Hon Wambua warned Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu against implementing the Council of Governors Resolution.

The CoG Had asked Governors to shut down counties following cash crisis in counties.

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“Governors have a special leadership duty and responsibility. To take the short cut, arm-twisting tactics or simply throw tantrums rather than engage in negotiations won’t resolve the revenue stalemate”. The call for a shut down is defeatist and cowardly and will worsen and complicate an already bad situation in counties. They should follow the President’s footsteps.

Governments wade through all sorts of troubles and seek permanent solutions. Not escapism. If a shut down is all Governors can think of, then they have no business leading counties. It is a shame. They should simply pack up and go home. And let someone take over. Simple. A voter wrote.


“I expect my Governor, H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu who has tones of experience in public affairs, to shun this go slow thing. That is why we have NOT called for a shut down of Kitui County despite your awfully failed leadership. Listen to me my cousin of the Mighty Amutei, NGILU⁩ , if Kitui ever joins the go slow, by the time we are through with it, you will have lost all authority, goodwill and guts to rule us. You will be forgotten n lost for good, Top scribe wrote on social media.

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Speakers after speakers described Kakamega Governor Oparanya has a joker and urged Governors to ignore the council of Governor’s directives.