“Don’t set your foot in Mulango” residents tell MP Makali Mulu – VIDEO


Don’t set your foot in Mulango, residents tell Makali.

By: TCD reporter

Disgruntled residents of Mulango ward today warned Kitui Central Mp Makali Mulu against stepping in the area.
Led by his own aunt Jane Kambua, they expressed their dismay in how the MP has played dirty politics in the failed MCA nominations.

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The MP is being accused of secretly vouching for a non-political church Bishop for the MCA ticket against renowned “moilers and toilers” who are known to have fought for the party’s popularity in the area.

Makali has reportedly been sidelining Mulango ward lately, with many analysts connecting it to the rise of son of the soil Mr. Boniface Musambi who’s challenging for the MP seat in August 2022.

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