Don’t Mislead President On Coal Mining in Kitui, Mp Mbai Tells off CS Moses Kuria



The Cabinet Secretary for Trade Investment and Industry hon Moses Kuria has come under sharp criticism from leaders in Ukambani for suggesting if leaders from Kitui will not sit down at a round table and grab the opportunity to sell coal to Guru for 6B monthly they shouldn’t blame witchcraft.

Speaking during In Kwale, Cabinet Secretary for Trade, Investments, and Industry Moses Kuria has called on President Ruto to hold talks with Kitui leaders on how they should mine coal in the Mui basin in Kitui county.


Speaking during the grand opening of the DEVKI Steel Plant in Kwale, The CS said that Kenya uses 1 billion per month to import coal which is already available in large deposits in Kitui. Kuria said that he will halt the importation of coal to pave way for the local coal which will cut down the costs of importation.

Kitui East Member of parliament hon Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai has called on CS Moses Kuria for attempting to Mislead president William Ruto on coal Mining in Kitui county.

Taking on his Social Media Page, Mp Mbai Wrote.

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Moses Kuria, Moses Kuria you missadvised the President on this one. The last time I was in Mutitu ( Ndoa) with the President I made it clear to him that we cannot allow coal mining in our area and gave out elaborate reasons. The reason Moses Kuria would bring up the matter in the presence of the President and on live TV, from a far land from Kitui, even without having consulted with any leader from the area can’t be explained.

To my people, there is no reason to worry, YOU WILL NEVER SEE ANYONE MINING COAL ON OUR LAND, NEVER.

Moses Kuria can go and mine coal in Gatundu.

Kilunda kiyisi mbesa.

Kusasaa Kusasaa “.

Kitui Central Member of Parliament Hon Dr. Makali Mulu has also reacted to the emotive topic.

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The executive has resolved to direct her energies on the exploitation of kitui coal. Waiting for the next moves??” Mp Makali Tweeted.

The issue of coal Mining in Kitui county is likely to become a national agenda in the coming days, let’s see how it unfolds, the TCD digital reports.

Kitui central Tweeted.