Controversial Makueni activist Josephat Musoma has warned Makueni Governor not to lay off medical staff on strike coz it jeopardizes the war on Covid-19. This comes shortly after the County Government issued letters of termination of service several nurses participating in the go-slow amid a looming health crisis.

Musoma came out gun blazing challenging Kibwana’s administration to find a better way of solving the stalemate. “You cannot fire our medics in the middle of a global crisis. Rather create a medical fund under the ministry of health to channel back all funds collected from patients in public hospitals to the sector” said Musoma adding that it was wrong for Counties to use funds obtained from hospitals for infrastructural projects like road networks.

“How do you take money from patients and use it on roads or agriculture leaving our health workers exposed and the same patients in our hospitals without drugs?” Musoma faulted the County government.

The former Makueni Constituency Parliamentary aspirant faulted the dismissal letters issued to the nurses and clinicians by the Governors brother Dr Patrick Kibwana who is currently the Chief Health Officer in Makueni. “You cannot run this County like a family business, our medics deserve honour” Musoma lamented.

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The medics who are employed on contract basis had joined their counterparts in the ongoing countrywide strike to demand; risk allowance, health insurance, PPE’s, backpay, promotions, job designation and establishment of health service commission.

Makueni Senator Mutula Junior echoed Musoma’s statement terming the move retrogressive “It is a matter of concern that the Government of Makueni County has dismissed nurses and other health workers who have missed work.

There is an ongoing strike. Their plight has been discussed and negotiated for far too long now. Health workers need to be given a solution to alleviate suffering” said the youthful Senator.

Musoma has ordered the medics to ignore Kibwana’s letters terming them baseless and continue with their planned strike until their demands are met. “As far as i am concerned you are still employees of Makueni County Government and if any medic has to vacate office soon, it should be the Governors brother.

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He is not only committing illegality but is holding office illegally as his employment was an irregularity” Musoma cautioned adding that Dr Patrick Kibwana was fraudulently hired after he came third in an interview that was won by Dr Mavole of the Catholic University of Africa. According to Musoma Governor Kibwana used his political influence to hire his brother.

The Senate which is mandated to oversight Counties has often blamed Governors for not prioritizing health issues during budgets.

The legislative chamber has this year provided a formula that will guide Counties to spent what is appropriated to them by National Government during the revenue allocation process. The formula gives Governors percentages of how much should be channelled every devolved function.

This move will curb the misuse, reallocation and misappropriation of resources by County Governments.