Don’t fear Them, Governor Mutula tells President Ruto


In a recent statement, Governor Mutula Kilonzo of Makueni county emphasized the need for president William Ruto not to fear his noisy opponents and critics.

The Governor was specifically addressing President William Ruto, who has been facing significant opposition from Raila odinga brigades and various quarters from opposition leaders. Governor Mutula stressed that noisy individuals should not intimidate or deter one’s goals and aspirations. Instead, one should remain focused on delivering to the people.

Governor Mutula’s message is a firm reminder that politics can often be a noisy and tumultuous arena. It is common to encounter individuals who voice strong opinions or attempt to discredit opponents with their noise and rhetoric.

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H.E President William Ruto being welcomed to Konza Technopolis by Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr. Konza, sitting on 5000 acres (?) is located in Makueni County, 54 kilometers from Nairobi City. It’s a Vision2030 project, a world class technology hub, dubbed Silicon Savannah.

However, Mutula advises politicians and leaders, like President Ruto, to rise above such noise and focus on their responsibilities to the people. This message serves as an encouragement to remain steadfast and committed to serving the public, even in the face of opposition.


Furthermore, Governor Mutula’s statement also touches on the importance of maintaining clear objectives. Politicians should not allow noise and distractions to cause them to lose sight of their goals. Instead, they should consistently work towards delivering on their promises and ensuring the prosperity and development of their constituents.

Governor Mutulas words_

Mutula’s advice serves as a timely reminder to all politicians to stay the course, even in the face of criticism.

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In conclusion, Governor Mutula’s message to President Ruto about not fearing noisy individuals he did not name is a valuable lesson for all politicians. It underscores the importance of remaining focused, resilient, and committed to serving the people despite the noise and distractions.

It serves as a reminder that politicians should not allow criticism and opposition to hinder them from achieving their objectives. By following these principles, politicians will be better equipped to withstand challenges and deliver on their promises.

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