Our inherent nature and initial impulse when we meet another human is to connect and feel good about each other. However, this has been corrupted by the ego to make a case for itself.

Remember that the survival of the ego depends on how separate it can keep itself from the rest of creation. It does this by corrupting natural instincts and soul movements which seek unity and union with everyone and everything.

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Misery is a powerful ego tool for its separatist agenda. When someone is miserable, what do they want? They definitely want human connection and love. But by the fact of being miserable, they deny what they need and push it away.

What they want is connection without the risk of giving up their separatist ego agenda. How can you connect with someone who doesn’t want connection, even if you feel deep down thats what they need? This is where the question of manipulation comes in.

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To be happy and willing to connect and share with others costs nothing. But the ego doesn’t want to be happy because that means its annihilation. You see? So if you are not grounded in your soul power, any ego can manipulate you to serve its interests.

Don’t be fooled by miserable people. There is a difference between needing help and being miserable deliberately to manipulate others to give you what you don’t want to give to them too. When we need help, we ask deliberately and in a straightforward way without manipulating our emotions to appear more needy than is the case.

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Stay in your POWER!