By Steve Mutua

Positive expectations are the mark of the superior personality, Life is never the way you like it, never. One has to learn to like it the way it is. If you have expectations that it should be different, you will feel frustrated.

Whatsoever happens, you will feel frustrated because your expectations can always be more than is possible in the moment.
Expectation is very imaginary. We go on expecting when we don’t know what is really possible; it is just dream work.

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That which is going to happen will happen according to your capacity, not accord-ing to your expectation. Do you understand me? So whatsoever happens, one has to be thankful that it has happened. By that thank-fulness your capacity will grow more – and more will happen.

But it cannot happen just by your expecting it. Expectations can go to the very end of the world There is no problem, but the problem is of capacity.

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One can think to love all the women of the world, but can you? That’s the problem The capacity is limited. Even one woman is more than enough. One can think to eat all that is possible in the world, but can you? A little food is enough. More than that becomes poisonous.