Dj Noma Noma blames Sir Mwenge Mwenge & Kadot after quitting



The famous Musyi Fm Presenter Denis Mutuku – popularly known as DJ Noma Noma has opened up after quitting Royal Media services.

Dennis Mutuku has blamed his former colleague Sir Mwenge Mwengi and head of Musyi FM Radio Christine Kadot for frustrating talents in Musyifm.

In an emotive press on Tuesday, Dennis Mutuku thanked his colleagues and revealed that he is heading to Athiani Fm to host an Afternoon show.

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The popular king of Kingane show will be hosting a similar show on Athiani Radio from 1 pm to 4 pm.

DJ Noma Noma revealed the rot in the Radio station but thanked the royal Media Services for allowing him to serve there for the last fifteen years.

He revealed how sir Mwenge Mwenge and Kadot frustrated Comedians like Mkamba Mjanja, and Kamuundi until they resigned from the company in viral video footage.

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