Disrupting County Revenue Operation will land you to jail-Voter Tells Mbai


Letter to Kitui East Mp from the Voter

Dear Nimrod Mbai,


I hope this finds you well mheshimiwa. I have alot respect for you for coming from no where and making something out of yourself. Many may question the route you have taken to get to where you are but I know there is an element of hard work to it, so I will emphasis the hard work bit. Kudos.

Having said that let me get straight to the point. I hear you are planing to use youths to disrupt County government operations with regards to revenue collection. Is that they best way you could possibly engage the youth?

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Disruption of County operations only end up hurting musangi in a big way. You are either for musangi or against musangi.

Your pretext is that Mary the CECM finance was supposedly impeached by the CASH ASSEMBLY. Do you understand the law? Let me educate you a bit. The CECM treasury was never impeached by the CASH ASSEMBLY. Furthermore there is an ongoing court case in that regard. Unless you have become the court and justice system you would be ill advised to go on with your shenanigans.

By the way when did you become the CASH ASSEMBLY? Aren’t you a member of parliament? When did you last speak in parliament and about what? What bills have you initiated? Do you know that you are supposed to oversight the National government? To what extent have you fulfilled that role as a member of the august house?

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Mary’s accusers have nothing tangible to say about her. Revenue collection has increased month over month since she took over. Revenue automation is well on course. She presided over the budget cycle with utmost professionalism. She has followed the law to letter.

Madam Mary if you are listening. Do not budge, do not be shaken, do not be moved, do not be intimidated. God, the Law and the people of Kitui County are your side. This hot air, empty threats will never see the light of day.

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Now, should you be fooled enough to go through with your ill advised, good for nothing chaos, you will be very quickly reminded that Madam Ngilu has supporters who voted for her overwhelmingly.
By the way, I hope you know that the youth you are calling on to bring chaos, voted for Governor Ngilu en-mass. More than 60% of her voters were youth. So the same youth may end up surprising you on D day.

Sincerely yours.