Uproar as rougue father kills daughter after raping her


By Reuters

Zambia police are looking for a man identified as Christopher Chipili aged 35 years for murdering his three-day-old stepdaughter after raping her.

It is reported that the suspect on Thursday around 19:00 hours were left in the company of the child when its mother went to take a bath.

Whilst bathing, the baby’s mother identified as Brenda Kasakuka heard the baby crying and when she rushed to check, she found the baby having difficulties to breathe and later rushed her to the clinic.

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“Facts of the report are that on 13th June 2019 around 19:00 hours Brenda Kasakula aged 29 years of Village Chibwe Kangwa Chief Mulala District Luwingu had gone to bath leaving her three days old baby girl Queen Kasakula sleeping in the house where her husband Christopher Chipulu aged 35 years was. She later heard the baby crying and when she went to check she found the baby wrapped in a blanket breathing with difficulty” Deputy Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga has confirmed in a statement.

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Hamoonga said after examining the baby, it was bleeding on the private parts, umbilical cord, mouth, and nose, and had bruises on the hear while her vagina and umbilical cord were torn. Hamoonga said when the suspect was asked of what happened to the baby, he expressed ignorance and later stormed out of the house and ran away.

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Hamoonga said the baby was pronounced dead soon after arrival at Lukolongo health center. Police have since launched a manhunt for the suspect.